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A manual of false myths: Exercise & Health

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What myths are included in this Ebook?

  1. Is localized fat loss possible?
  2. The more I sweat, the more fat I lose
  3. Can muscle soreness be cured with water and sugar?
  4. Swimming helps relieving back pain
  5. As woman, I am not going to train strength because I do not want to look masculine
  6. With this supplement I will burn fat...
  7. My son is very good at playing football, he will be the new CR7 or Messi
  8. Should you stop exercising with age?
  9. A beer after training is the best wat to hydrate
  10. I am not very motivated today, I better do nothing...
  11. I feel a side stitch in my stomach... maybe I drank too much
  12. The more I train, the more I will improve
  13. Today I have no time to exercise, I hace to study...
  14. I can only lose weight by doing cardio
  15. I broke my leg... now I can not train
  16. HIIT is the most effective method for losing fat!

In this Ebook you will find the answers to the 16 proposed myths. Each myth is solved with an original infographic, which uses a simple language adapted to all audiences.
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Customer Reviews


2 hace años

Learn is funny thanks to this ebook!

Your work in social networks is amazing, congratulations guys!


2 hace años

Good work boys!

Easy to read, easy to understand. Thank you for sharing science every day!


2 hace años

Awesome ebook!

Easy to read, easy to understand. Congratulations for sharing science!

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